A Moment In Time

Photo by Angela Kirk


A cold misty fog hovered close to the ground as we took our early morning walk.  It is quite peaceful in the park at this hour as few venture out on cold, grey mornings leaving us to take in all the critters that inhabit the park.

Both Doc and I were lost in our own thoughts when we rounded the corner where the pubic swimming pool is fenced off.  We approached the fence and longingly looked over at the water slide and the lazy river drained of water with leaves floating in puddles at the base.  You could imagine hearing the children squealing with laughter as they shot down the water slide.” I wish it was summer and we could go swimming, this weather stinks and I’m sick of the pandemic.” Doc said with sadness in her voice. I was also thinking about summer and swimming in the pool, when I surprised myself by responding ” Lets just  do the best we can and enjoy right now!” Doc snapped her head around and said, “You are so right Grover, what a smart pup you are.” Blushing at the compliment, I reminded Doc it was my job to keep her focused in the here and now.

As we resumed our walk and went farther down the path, Doc and I decided to go over by the pond. As we peered over the bridge we were surprised to see a lone crane standing on the ice. He moved a few steps when he saw me but deciding I meant no harm, he remained still. Doc and I stood and watched the crane for quite awhile just enjoying the solitude and the beauty of the moment. It was a great reminder of  what we can miss in this world when we aren’t living in the present.

Photo by Angela Kirk

Live the actual moment. Only this actual moment is life.” Thich Nhat Hahn





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  • connie siegle
    January 28, 2021

    Dear Grover, you are a smart dog indeed,,,, I am a firm believer in living for the moment too. Whether this comes with age or the fact that I lived so fast for so long I am not sure but I have learned so much about myself. I hope you are doing well and tell the Doctor I said hello. Connie