An Unexpected Blessing

IMG_0032Against my better judgment, I agreed to go with Doc and a co-worker’s family to an event in our city called Dog Days. It is mostly outdoors and you can guess by the title that it is centered around dogs. All the stores are open late, the roads blocked off and there are bands, food, dancing, events for the kids and of course plenty to do for the dogs. One of the main reasons that Doc wanted to take me is because they had a competition that she wanted to enter me in. I could have cared less, but I decided to make Doc happy. There were multiple categories, but Doc decided I would be sure to win in the”best hair” category. What we hadn’t counted on was how packed it would be with both four and two-legged creatures. We went up and down the streets trying to find the contest stage, but never found it and I think Doc was a little disappointed. Since we were both getting fatigued after an already long work day, we started wandering down one of the streets to head home, but then something unexpected happened.

People were sitting out front of their businesses and suddenly a group of nice people called out to us. They asked Doc if I would like a blessing. It turned out they were a small Episcopalian church and when they found out I was a therapy dog, they said the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, Blessing of the Animals for me and then gave me a dog treat. We thanked them and went on our way. Before getting to the end of the street, we had stopped and talked to every shopkeeper on the street. We visited with the cigar store owners, said hi to the owner of the toy store and stopped and posed for pictures at the tattoo shop, chatting it up with the nice couple that owned it.

I never got enrolled in the dog with “best hair” contest, but I did get an unexpected blessing instead by meeting all those nice people. Even Doc remarked to me how wonderful it was that all those very different businesses sat side by side on the same street and supported each other. It also was a reminder not to judge by appearances. Since we live close by, Doc and I will be checking on our new friends from time to time in the future.

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