April Showers, Baths and Spring Cleaning

It’s been so rainy and windy lately where we live, I though Doc and I were going to have to build an Ark. It’s so wet that just the other day I was sitting in the driveway, minding my own business when I swore I saw a worm floating on a big leaf in a puddle just to stay dry. With more thunder storms in the forecast today we decided to enjoy the one day of sunshine that we got on Tuesday. What I wasn’t expecting was that Doc’s idea of enjoyment was to give me a bath.

Have I told you how much I hate baths? Why are humans so obsessed with cleaning everything including their pets? Don’t they know that animals like their stink? Once again I got tricked into thinking Doc was taking me for a walk, but as soon as we went through the garage I spotted the hose, bottles of shampoo and conditioner, a blow dryer and a big towel. It was too late to escape so I just hung my head in shame, as the dogs in the neighborhood watched me being hosed down. Luckily she is quick about it, so when she was done I slunk into the back yard where I could be alone with my bruised ego. The only bright spot was that she let me continue to dry out in the yard where at least I could admire the tulips, daffodils and our big pear tree blooming.

While I was outside dying off, Doc went inside and started cleaning out her home office. When I was finally dry and allowed to come back in, she had a big box of paper work to be shredded and a bag of trash to be recycled. She loves spring cleaning saying that it makes her feel good to get things in order and clear out the clutter. I guess I understand. Spring makes us all want to start anew as the winter subsides and nature blooms again in all its glory.

Today we will hunker down for more storms later in the day. In the afternoon Doc will take me to the veterinarian’s office to have my nails clipped. I hope that is the last beauty regiment I have to endure for awhile.

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