Are Dogs Smarter than Humans?

Photo by Angela Kirk

Dogs are not known to be deep thinkers by the human race, but you might be surprised by what we observe and comprehend. After all, we have learned to evolve, adapt and get humans to take care of us for over 30,000 years. The biggest difference that I have observed between humans and all other species on earth, is that humans are the only ones that will follow an unstable and unbalanced leader. Now if that doesn’t get you to start questioning dogs good instincts, I don’t know what will.

In the dog pack, if we followed an unstable pack leader, it could place us in harms way. We also don’t like the energy of instability. Mother Nature has blessed us with instinct and we are not fooled by angry, frustrated, jealous or unstable energy. If you have ever observed how dogs react to an unstable dog you would see our instant reaction. We will first try to correct the instability and if that doesn’t work we will move away. If you ever observed a group of dogs at a dog park and how they react when a dog with unstable energy enters their space you will know just what I am talking about. Doc told me that even she has observed how dogs react. One day we were at the park and a dog and it’s human entered the space. The human had brought a ball and when she threw it to her dog of course all of us tried to join in on the fun. The only problem is that the human got mad because other dogs were chasing “her” dogs ball and she started yelling at the other dogs to stop. Her dog, mirroring back the human’s energy, started growling at the other dogs. Well the rest of us decided in a hot minute to move away from the instability of both the human and her dog. Doc said it was fascinating for her to watch how they were shunned by the pack.

So why do you humans follow unstable leaders? Both Doc and I have some theories that include the fact that humans will rationalize other peoples behavior and dogs do not. A dog’s theory is “what you see is what you get”, we don’t make excuses for dogs irrational behaviors. We could go on and on about the why’s but lets just look at the facts. Good pack leaders promote unity rather than divide , they lead the pack by making things better and have good boundaries to help keep the pack safe. The main focus is always what are the best choices for the pack, that’s what a good leader does.

Everyday, Doc works hard at being a good pack leader. It helps to keep me safe and calm because I know the expectations. In turn I watch out for her as well, it’s why we make a good team. So now you know why dogs have evolved and survived next to humans for over 30,000 years. So what do you think, are dogs smarter than humans?

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