Although 2020 has already turned out to be scarier than anything that could happen on Halloween, Doc and I are still looking forward to one of our favorite holidays. With the pumpkins on the porch, skeletons, witches and bats standing at the ready, we will greet the little beggars with candy and other treats.  The spirit of All Hollows Night will persevere, not even a virus can mess with that.

Doc already bought a boat load of candy and tonight we will start putting the candy in individual sandwich bags to pass out to the children. We have some Halloween themed masks to wear and Doc will put on her witch costume and keep her flying broom nearby just for fun. This holiday comes complete with a full moon and Doc likes to tell the little ones that she just flew in for the occasion. You should see the look on their faces as they warily take the candy and scurry off to the safety of their parents. One year a little seven year old boy looked her straight in the eye and said to her defiantly ” I ain’t scared of no stinkin witches.” In response, Doc told him with a big grin to come back later and she would take him for a ride on her broom. His eyes got bigger as he backed away. The poor boy is probably still having nightmares over that one.

Rituals and holidays are so important for us to engage in. Not only does it give us something to look forward to, but it hopefully brings back some good memories. Doc says Halloween helps her feel like a kid again. It reminds her of how she planned her costume for weeks, went to haunted houses, listened to ghost stories her grand father would tell, watched scary movies and went trick or treating with her friends. I just like greeting all the kids!

So however you are celebrating this year, stay safe and don’t eat too much candy. And if you happen to be outside at midnight, if you look up at the full moon, you might see Doc and I flying by on her broom.


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  • Rebecca Harris
    October 28, 2020

    Happy Halloween Grover & Doc I am going to have a great time, dressing up with my my grandchildren,and we have a brand new baby to celebrate with,and I am handing out the tricks and treats! You guys have a great one and we will look up at the full moon for you☠☠