Boundary Boot Camp

Photo by Angela Kirk

Photo by Angela Kirk

All of you know how much I love Doc, but lately she has been getting on my last nerve. She feels the need to tell me no, when other humans are telling me yes. She acts like she can boss me around anytime she wants and restrict some of the behaviors I love the most which include eating and begging for attention. Did I mention I love eating? After working on a strategic plan for years that involves manipulating staff and patients into sneaking me treats or any part of their snacks and lunches, she has decided to put the kibosh on my behavior.

I guess I went too far the other day when she noticed I had snuck out of the office and was going door to door begging for tasty morsels whenever I couldĀ  smell the aroma of food waffling out into the hallway. It was my version of trick or treat come early. There are also the regulars that keep gourmet dog treats or share their pretzels with me. What a life I live or did live until the boundaries were put in place.

It’s not that I don’t have my supporters. Many came to my defense when she told me no and sent me back to the office. ” Don’t reward him for that behavior,” she said in her strictest voice. But my fans persisted telling her what a good dog I am and how cute I am when I sit and wait like such a good boy. I do have to say, for a bunch of people trained as counselors, they are easy to manipulate. Doc just looked at all of them and said ‘ Boy oh boy, does Grover know how to get over on all of you.”

So it’s Wednesday and Doc hasn’t taken her eye off of me all week. I have been entered into a training course against my will that Doc refers to as Boundary Boot Camp. Every time I even look in the direction of the doorway she says in that voice she uses when she means business, “Don’t even think about it,” It’s freaky the way she can read my mind.

  • Tommy Mccown
    September 6, 2017

    Hello my friend”” GROVER GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS MY FRIEND”!! But I’ve been giving DOC””Your Treats that I have been bringing to you; But to be truthful with you, It’s really for your best interest to allow her to give you the Treats that are brought in for your pleasure”!!? LOL, But she does know what you’ve been eating and when you’ve had enough to eat”!!? With all that being said” Did you enjoy the Treats that I brought you today”!?? I know that DOC gets upset when I bring A bunch of stuff to you”!!? Lol, But I now realize that I have been crossing boundaries when doing so”!!!!! So Grover My Homie ” I’m going to be giving the Treats that I get for you to Her” For DOC to decide what an when to give to you”!!!? I really wish that someone would Distribute my food and treats to me”!!!!? Maybe I’d be a little bit skinnier than I am now”!!? LOL Kwazy isn’t it Lol God bless you all Today and Tomorrow Shalom

  • connie
    September 12, 2017

    Dear Grover, I know how hard it must be , being told that you can’t have the things that you love best (food) but we have a little guy who loves to eat too and we caused him to get sick b loving him too much. He now has to take two shots a day and only gets air popped popcorn for treats. So thank God she has put some boundaries in place she does it because she cares. Connie