Bruised Ego

DSCN0056It’s a possibility that my growing popularity is hurting Doc’s ego. I can’t really blame her. How would you feel if people greeted your dog and ignored you when walking side by side down the hall? I happen to know that Doc worked most of her adult life to establish her own identity through hard work and achievement only to find she is now playing second banana to a dog.

It’s not like she’s rarely ignored. No, this happens on a daily basis. Let me give you some examples; Not long ago, there was a VIP visiting the place we work. As Doc and I approached, the CEO began beaming and said to the VIP in a proud voice, ” I want you to meet Grover, our therapy dog!” He totally ignored poor Doc. She might as well have been a ghost.  Doc can’t even take a quiet stroll down the street without people stopping her so they can pet me.

Did I also mention that I have more Facebook friends than her and my own blog that continues to grow in popularity?

When I have a day off from work, Doc’s patient’s act so disappointed, she asks them,” would you like to reschedule your appointment when Grover returns to work?”

Then there’s all the photos people ask me to pose for. No one every asks Doc to be in the picture. Poor Doc, left in the shadows of my growing celebrity status.

Worried about her bruised ego, I decided it was time to sit down with Doc to reassure her that no matter how cute, smart, rich or popular I become that I will never forget the little people in my life, especially her. She listened to me patiently and then looking down over her glasses at me she said, ” I don’t think that I’m the one with the ego problem, sounds like you’re getting a little too big for your britches, mister.”

Doc does have a way of cutting through the bull to get to the point. To ensure my ego stays in check, Doc has a new job for me. She fired the “Pet Butler” that usually picks up after me when I go to the bathroom in the yard and is having me clean up after myself. Nothing like picking up poop to keep you grounded.

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