Canine Mid Life Crisis

Photo by Angela Kirk

There are a lot of cute dogs in my neighborhood. When Doc brought me home as a puppy, I was the only dog in the cul-de-sac so I got all of the attention. But those days are gone and as I am approaching seven in July it has not escaped my attention that the competition has gotten younger. Much younger.

How’s a fellow suppose to compete with that? Not only are these dogs younger, they also have owners that take them to doggie spas where there coats are coiffed and sprayed.  Much to my horror, Doc’s idea of a spa day is hosing me down in the driveway and then leaving me in the sun to dry where all the neighbors can witness my humiliation. The only response I get from Doc when I tell her how I feel is that I’m probably going through a mid-life crisis. ” After all you are in your 40’s in human years, and are starting to get a few grey hairs.” she said. Good grief, she sure knows how to make a guy feel worse.

Mid-life, what a discomforting realization. “Grover, Doc said while looking at me over her glasses, some human males do things like get hair plugs, buy a sports car, wear big gold medallions or get Botox injections  but that only makes them feel better for a short time. You have to figure out what the real issue is and deal with it.”

I didn’t have a clue what Doc was talking about so I decided to contact my veterinarian Dr. Hoffman. After all she knows all about dog behavior and feelings, especially mine. Much to my surprise she told me dogs do go through a mid-life crisis of sorts. “After all, you aren’t the alfa dog you once were” she told me. ” You’re getting kind of pudgy in the middle, your hair is turning grey in new places and you just can’t keep up with those younger dogs, but don’t despair because I have an idea. You just need a new challenge in your life Grover. You’re probably bored doing the same old thing. So mix things up and try a new challenge. ” she suggested. “Like what? ” I asked. “Whatever you want, just make sure it challenges that good brain of yours and remember Grover aging is just part of life and you have many unexplored adventures still in front of you.  Good bye for now Grover and good luck!” she said as she hung up the phone.

After wracking my brain for days mulling over what Dr. Hoffman had said to me I finally had a eureka moment. I was frankly surprised I hadn’t thought of it sooner. It was time to let go and stop worrying about what other people think and embrace who I am. As for new challenges, I asked Doc to sign us up to do some more therapy dog visits but this time with children. Cheering people up is what I do best and you always feel happier when you do service for others.

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