Catch Me if You Can!

Photo by Emily Kirk

Photo by Emily Kirk

Some of my favorite days are when Doc’s family come over to eat and celebrate a special day or event. The house fills with laughter and playful energy and the smells of good food waffle out of the oven and through the air. When people start eating, I quietly move between the kitchen and the dining room waiting for food to drop on the floor. You’d be surprised what I end up with when no one is looking.

Usually after everyone has eaten, things become quiet and for me, that is when boredom starts to set in. On this particular spring day, I was quietly listening on the back porch as the adults yammered on and on. The kids looked bored as well, so I thought a little action was in order. I went over to the screen door and looked inside. I spotted 14 year-old Cole’s Nike flip-flops on the floor. Doc, thinking I wanted to go inside for a drink of water, opened the door to let me in. In two seconds I grabbed those flip-flops, ran back outside and jumped off the back patio into the grass. It was on! The adults were yelling and the kids jumped up and started chasing me around the yard. Everyone broke out into laughter as they tried their best to retrieve the sandals, but with my long legs, I was way too fast.

As 6 year-old Willow came close, I slowed down just  long enough for her to grab the sandals.  We had a tug of war for a while, but I finally relented. Sometimes it’s best to let the youngest one be the hero of the day.

After everyone left, Doc and I talked about what a nice day we all had and that spending time with those we love is so important.  It just goes to show you that it really doesn’t take anything fancy to have fun, especially when Doc provides the food and I provide the entertainment.

  • connie
    May 11, 2017

    Dear Grover, you are so fortunate to have a great family , extended and otherwise. I thank God daily for the wonderful people I have been blessed with having in my life. Remember to always be grateful,,, with gratitude greater things are possible. Connie

    • Grover
      May 11, 2017

      Thank you for the reminder.