Caught in the Act

IMG_0044I admit that I stuck my big head inside her bag, but only to inspect for hazardous material. Ok, that’s a lie, I smelled food.

Beef jerky and Jolly Ranchers are a strange diet, but I was willing to share with Kate if she would unwrap everything for me. Instead, she took them right out of my mouth. Obviously she didn’t pay attention when her mother was teaching her manners.

Then, without even asking me, she posted the incident on Facebook for the whole world to read. Doc sure got mad at me when she read that post. She gave me a lecture about putting my nose where it doesn’t belong. She’s one to talk.

When I reminded Doc that she asks people personal questions all day long, she scowled, looked me in the eye and said ” Grover, I’m a therapist, that’s my job.” Gee whiz, so touchy.

Then she used the word I hate the most, consequences. Doc said because of my behavior I would not get any treats for a day and made it very clear if I eat something that doesn’t belong to me again I will be grounded. Good grief, doesn’t she know that I’m a dog and that we are always looking for food?

Lesson learned, I vow to keep my nose and my mouth where it belongs…  at least for today.

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