Countdown to Christmas

There is a lot of hustle and bustle going on around the house as Doc and I get ready for the holiday. Elmer the Elf, is still hanging around and I have to say he is starting to grow on me. I was even surprised when I found myself asking Doc if he could live with us forever. Although she told me no, because he needs to leave with Santa on Christmas Eve, I realized I learned a valuable lesson about giving others a chance before judging them.

Not having preconceived ideas about someone can be hard. Doc told me that a study from Harvard showed that we judge a person within a few seconds after meeting them. After Doc told me that, I complained loudly, ” Well that doesn’t seem very fair!” But I quickly realized that I had done that very thing with poor Elmer, and I had been wrong.

This morning as I was reflecting on what the holiday means to me and how Elmer has affected my life, I have decided to move forward and try not to judge people so quickly, and getting to know them and their story before I form an opinion. After all, I would hope others would give me more than a couple seconds before they judged me.

Sadly, Christmas Eve is only a few days away and Elmer will be leaving. I have already promised I will stay up late with him to wait to see Santa, a visit I look forward to every year.

Whatever you may be doing over the holiday, Doc, Elmer and I wish you peace and joy.

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