Dear Grover

mailboxIt’s the New Year and it’s time to see what burning questions you have on your mind. So lets check the mail bag! Remember, if you have questions for me, I am always here to help, so drop me a line.


Dear Grover,

Since my last girlfriend, a cute Sheltie dumped me for a German Shepard with a bigger dog house, I have been lonely. Being dumped hurt my ego and I am having problems meeting new dogs. Since you are famous, I thought you could give me some good pick-up lines that have worked for you. I need a self-esteem booster and fast. Can you help me Grover?

Your biggest fan,



Dear Gordon,

Do not despair. If that Sheltie left you just because she wanted to be with a dog with a bigger dog house, I say you are lucky she left. What a shallow Sheltie. Gordon my boy, you don’t need some cheesy pick up line, you just need to be yourself. Then ask yourself, how you want to be treated by the next dog that makes your tail wag? Think about that and before you know it, you will be giving off the right scent and I guarantee you will have your pick of the litter. 

Good luck,




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