Deep Thoughts

Photo by Angela Kirk

Photo by Angela Kirk

There has been a lot of excitement this summer especially with my 5th birthday, family vacation, swimming and all the outdoor concerts and activities Doc has taken me to. As we get into the last half of summer, I thought I should take a moment to settle down and reflect on what is going on in my world as all the fun can be distracting. Besides, a little introspection never hurt anyone.

Now I know what you’re thinking, what’s a dog got to be introspective about? Well you just might be surprised. When you think we are napping, we are actually thinking deep thoughts and most of them are about the humans that we live with. Part of the reason we chose to live with you (yes, we chose you), is to help you out in your lives. So even though part of our nature is to get you to have fun, our job is to also watch out for you. A kind of a guardian dog if you will.

For instance, part of my job with Doc is to make sure she has the right balance in her life and I do that by not only helping her at work, but bringing the ball and dropping it by her feet so she will get up to play and have some fun. As I observe what she needs I come up with a plan and get her to engage in it. Now don’t get freaked out, we aren’t using mind control, just good old observations skills.

You may then ask, “Why does my dog act out sometimes, that’s not helpful?” Oh but it is my faithful human. Those are just more messages to you about what you need to change in your life. When you don’t get the first hints from us we take more drastic measures to get your attention. Chewing up  your favorite shoes? Just letting you know they are ugly and out of style and we don’t want to see them on your feet again. Peeing on the wall? My way of telling you it’s time to update that horrid paint color from the 90’s. After all I have to live here too. Well, you get the idea.

You must be surprised that we take such an interest in everything, but remember we have to co-exist with you. That means having to put up with all your moods, decor choices, your nasty habits and some of the strange outfits you want us to wear. So the next time you see your dog sleeping, think again.

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