Dog Days

Photo by Angela Kirk

We are getting to the end of the dog days of summer when sunrise coincides with my favorite star Sirius, the Dog Star. Egyptians thought that the combination of the Sun and Sirius caused the sweltering heat. Sweltering is right! I am so hot that my paws are sweating.

Doc just deals with the heat and you can find her outside in the garden happy as a clam no matter how dirty and sweaty she gets. I know dogs are supposed to be loyal to their masters but I do not feel one bit of guilt watching Doc through the window while I lounge over the cold air vent on the floor. I am waiting for her to finish so we can go swimming, but my patience is wearing thin in this heat.

Even though I complain about the heat, I start to feel melancholy this time of year knowing the summer will soon come to an end. I will miss sitting on the back porch in the evening with Doc while we listen to the frogs in the pond as the fire flies flicker in the dark. The impromptu trips to Dairy Queen for a dog cone, going on vacation, or just floating down the lazy river without a care in the world. There is something so magical about summer that it makes you want to slow down and take it all in.

So savor the last days of summer….. ” Summertime is always the best of what might be.” Charles Bowden.

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  1. I’m completely with you on this particular topic “!!!! I enjoy the fact that we are in the Summer months “!!? But I really enjoy the cooler weather in the fall “!!? But not so much as the spring season “!!? But the Winter season can Kiss my ” ” I leave it to u on what they can kiss “!!? Lol “” But yeah ‘ since I’m an adult now “!!???? Lol” The fall is much more fun ” Because it dont have to go to school anymore “!! Yahhh””!! So it’s all Gravy “”So Thanks for your graciousness and joy you bring to us “!!!! I so much enjoyed reading your article once again “!!! And look forward to the Next one “!!! And God bless you too Doc”!! Your one hell of a team “!!! Till next time ” Your’s truly “” Tommy “”

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