Doggie’s A Downer?

FullSizeRenderIt’s not every day that I run across another dog that is a working stiff like myself. So it was a nice surprise when Doc took me to a nice furniture store on our way home from work to meet Stewie the top sales representative.

As we entered the building, there was Stewie lounging in the front of the store, ready to help customers as soon as they entered. Luckily it was time for Stewie’s snack break, so we took some time to meet, get to know each other and share some yummy treats a nice lady name Mary brought to us.

I was amazed how much we had in common being that we work in different kinds of places. It turns out that both of us work in the “people business.” I work with Doc to comfort people and Stewie entertains the customers that come in to shop for furniture.

Stewie seemed so nice at first, so I was a bit surprised that as we spent more time together, that I started to detect a bit of an attitude, but I could be wrong. The “attitude” started when I told him what end of town I work in and where I live. Stewie went on and on about how nice it was to work in a fancy store, how much he gets paid, and that he lives in a very posh part of town with his human. I listened and remained polite, but it started getting my dander up.

On the way home from the store I told Doc how I was feeling and that I had let Stewie get to me and make me feel bad about my life. ” Oh Grover, she said, maybe Stewie’s just talking smack or you misunderstood him.” She told me that the next time I see Stewie, if he starts saying things like that again, tell him that it hurts your feelings. If he keeps on talking that way, or telling you that you are too sensitive, it’s time to excuse yourself and walk away. “Life’s too short to let dogs or people make you feel bad about yourself” she said. I agree, I have better ways to spend my time, like napping next to Doc, the human that loves me just the way I am.

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