Dreaming of Christmas

Twas the Eve before Christmas and all around the house,

Doc was frantically cleaning, like a busy little mouse.

We hung up our stockings and left out a treat,

so that Old St. Nick would have something to eat.

Too weary to stay awake, I curled up on the couch,

just to rest for a moment and then I passed out.

As I drifted off to dream land, I was suddenly awakened,

by a bang and a thud, that was simply earth- shaking.

Glancing toward the noise, I was elated to see,

my old friend Santa Clause, looking back at me.

“Well hello there Grover!” said the jolly old elf,

“How have you been, have you been behaving yourself?”

” Oh yes dear Santa, I’m still helping Doc,

to comfort the patients that need a friend and to talk.”

Then Santa sat down, and patted my head,

looked me in the eyes and lovingly said,

“Grover, you are the Christmas spirit, all the year through,

and your joy and compassion, is the most beautiful part of you.”

You love unconditionally, without prejudice or fear,

and that is how powerful your spirit is, my dear.”

And never forget, that Doc needs you too,

when she becomes weary, I am counting on you,

to provide her with comfort, at the end of the day

by staying beside her until all her worries go away.

And then Santa gave me a kiss on the head,

rose to his feet and jovially said,

” Merry Christmas sweet Grover, I’ll see you next year,

It’s time for me to leave with all the reindeer.

And before I had a chance to respond, Santa Clause was already gone.

As I gazed out the window, I saw in the sky,

Santa’s sleigh in the starlight, rising ever so high.

As sad as I felt, to see him leave, I know he’ll be back next Christmas Eve.

So Merry Christmas to all, may your dreams all come true,

and your life filled with love the whole year through.














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