Falling Back into Darkness

The time change doesn’t bother me at all. It’s more hours for this dog to sleep and what is the problem with that? Humans on the other hand debate the time change every spring and every fall, like it is the most pressing issue in their lives. I even heard them talking on the news that Congress, for years has been involved with introducing multiple bills toward making either standard time or daylight savings time permanent. It’s enough to make me want to take a long nap until they decide. What does bother me, is that Doc has switched into full gear of getting all the outside chores done with the few hours of light left in the afternoon after work and to be frank, she is starting to get on my last nerve.

Just the other day I was basking in the sun, rolling around in the leaves when she came over with the rake and told me to move. When I didn’t she just started raking around me until I was in the middle of a big pile of leaves and was forced to relocate. She really needs to lean to relax. Its hard trying to retrain her out of her old habits, but it is the cross I bare.

Oh, and did I tell you they are building a new house behind us? I do enjoy watching all the trade’s people working on building it. Its entertaining and sometimes they come over to the fence and give me a pat on the head. The only sad part is all the little squirrels, bunnies and other woodland creatures had to relocate after they cut some trees and bushes down. Doc and I were both worried where they would go, but those little critters are just fine. They packed up and some moved to our yard and to other yards in the neighborhood. I noticed that the squirrels have already built new nests for winter and are gathering nuts at a furious pace. After watching how hard they work it got me to wondering if Doc use to be a squirrel in her last life given the way she runs around.

So take some time and enjoy the hours of light every day, get ready to hibernate and just slow done. It’s ok to just take some time and relax.

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