Field of Heroes

Photo by Angela Kirk

Every Memorial Day weekend in the town where Doc and I live, 3,000 8-foot tall flags are displayed in perfect row’s to honor our heroes.  It’s a visual reminder of what Memorial Day is all about. This years theme was Welcome Home, commemorating the time when soldiers are reunited with their families.

Doc and I went during the peace of the early morning to take in the grand display. There was still dew on the grass as we made our way across the field between the rows of flags gently blowing in the breeze.  There was a respectful silence among those we encountered as everyone processed the event. Walking among the flags I felt a sense of gratitude to all the men and women that have and continue to protect our freedom’s. Along with the flags, there was also a display that honored the first responders that have died in the line of duty.

Some of the soldiers we honored happen to be in our family. Doc’s father served in the Army and most recently her nephew served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Luckily both of them came back home and their experiences left them and our family looking at the world and life in a different way.

At times it’s easy to forget that no one gets through this world alone. There are many people who help and support us along the way. Some of them we know like family, teachers and mentors.  Some we will never meet like those that serve to keep us safe, enabling us to pursue our dreams. Memorial Day helps us to take the time to pause and remember those that sacrifice for others.


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