Getting Over the Hump

Wednesday is known as hump day and I can’t think of a better way to describe our first regular day back at the office as we have certainly had to overcome many humps and bumps to get here. It has been over a year since we ran a face to face support group with our patients and Doc has been so excited that she started planning for the group last week. Its just an example of how things that we use to take for granted are now so much more special since we can be together again. I for one am feeling grateful and excited.

Two years ago, before the pandemic started I bet the things you were grateful for then are probably very different than the things you are grateful for now. I know my list has changed. I think we took many things for granted. The other day Doc said to me, “Who would have thought that you would be so thankful just to be able to safely hug the people you care about again?” I agree. I missed all of my co-workers, patients and and the most precious connections both Doc and I have with friends and family.

Doc often tells me and those that she counsels that there is always a life lesson to be learned. When Doc asked me what I have learned over that last year I said with out hesitation ” If you are human always be well stocked up on toilet paper and if you are a dog have extra boxes of Milk bones in the house.” Doc looked and me and chuckled. ” Well that’s practical, now what else did you learn?” she asked with a serious look. ” That this morning I was happy to hear you yell down the hall ” Come on Grover time to get in the car and go to work!” No lovelier words have ever been spoken to me.

So here we were this morning setting up for our first group like we never missed a beat. Normal has never felt so good and so appreciated.

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