Ghosts, Warlocks and Witches Oh My!

Yesterday when Doc and I were taking our daily walk, we came upon some some interesting new people that have moved into the neighborhood. I don’t want to seem judgmental, but they were a little odd in an interesting and scary kind of way. I was certainly surprised that they had set up a type of camp in the front yard of one of our neighbors houses and were standing over a big pot of something that they were cooking. I am not a lawyer, but they have to be violating some type of city code and I was surprised no one on the street seemed upset by this, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and do an investigation under the dark of night.

Later that evening, when Doc was sound asleep, I slipped out the back door and snuck up the street being careful to stay in the shadows so that no one would see me and tell Doc I was running around outside alone. As I got closer to the house I could see that off in the distance that there was a fire under the pot and the three women were bending over the cauldron, furiously stirring whatever they were cooking. As I hid behind the tree so they could not see me I could hear them doing some kind of chant in a language I did not understand. Obviously they were not from around here originally, but I decided to move forward and befriend them as Doc has always taught me to be kind and welcoming.

As I came out from behind the tree and let out a friendly bark to let them know I was there, they jumped up and shrieked like I was a monster approaching them. I started wagging my tail and they seamed to calm down a bit and they turned and smiled. The first thing I noticed was that all three had missing and blackened teeth. Not to be rude, but they could use a good dentist.

It was quite eerie when they suddenly started talking to me and when I responded they could understand me, because no one up until this moment, could understand me besides Doc. They told me they were visiting from out of town and had flown in the other day just for Halloween. When they came near me they started looking me over and asking me how much I weighed and remarked how meaty and tender I seemed. When they looked at each other with knowing glances, I started to shiver because I was worried they were thinking about adding me to their pot of stew. Just as they leaned down to grab me I made a fast getaway and was running down the street for the house when I saw Doc frantically running toward me in her robe and slippers. As I was panting heavily, all I could say was ”Help me Doc, those three women up the street tried to grab me and cook me!” ” Grover, where have you been, I have been looking all over for you?” ” I was just trying to be friends with those strange ladies up the street.. I think they are witches!” I said with fear still in my voice. ” Grover, don’t try to make up tall tails to get out of being in trouble. you know you aren’t allowed to be out alone at night. Those witches aren’t real, they’re fake Halloween decorations. What an imagination you have. Now get in the house.”

Soon we were settled in and I snuggled in bed right next to Doc because I was still scared. You won’t ever see me go out at night alone again, you can be sure of that. I learned my lesson. I don’t care what Doc says, I now know that strange things can happen happen at night, especially near Halloween.

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