Going to the Fair!

Photo by Angela Kirk

How can you beat a place that you can hang out with animals, ride rides and get food that is fried up on a stick? You can’t. That is why I was so excited that Doc took me to the Ohio State Fair.

It was beautiful on Saturday, 80 degrees and no humidity. Great weather for both dogs and humans. We started by going to the chicken barn. I don’t know why, but Doc is obsessed with chickens. She literally gushes while she talks to them and tells them how pretty they are. I don’t get it. ┬áThe roosters are noisy with way too much attitude for their size. Luckily we didn’t stay long and moved on to my favorite part of the fair, EATING!!

We started with the french fries with just a touch of salt. Yummy! The smells of all the food just about put me into a frenzy. My nose was so overwhelmed I almost passed out from happiness. Our next stop was at the chicken and waffles on a stick booth. Most delicious thing I have ever eaten. Doc decided to try some deep-fried Oreos and Nutter Butters, but I could tell by the look on her face that she didn’t like those at all. I offered to finish them off for her, but Doc said no and to my horror threw them in the trash!

Deciding to take a break from eating, we saw some cows carved from butter. This year they also had the characters from A Christmas Story in butter as well. If you don’t know that movie, they play it 24 hours per day starting after Thanksgiving.

Next we hit the cow and sheep barns and saw two cute little calves that were only a few days old.  Doc had me sit quietly as we watched the sheep judging contest. After the contest, I met some of my fellow working canine friends called Border Collies that help to herd the sheep. That sounds like hard work and makes me glad I work in an office where I can nap when I want to.

It was starting to get late, the sun was setting and the lights were coming on in the midway. It was great to see all the families smiling and having such a good time. We took it all in as we enjoyed the lights, sounds and smells.

Photo by Angela Kirk

It had been a long day, so Doc said it was time to head home. When we got home I fell into a deep, blissful sleep with visions of tasty fair food in my head.

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  • connie s siegle
    August 2, 2018

    Dear Grover, what a lucky dog you are ! I used to love the fair , all the food and animals.I used to love to go at nite and see all the lights and here all the fair noises. I’m glad you guys has a wonderful time though. connie