Goodies from the Uptown Bakery

There is something comforting about going to the family owned corner bakery to get your goodies. In a world of corporate chains, it’s nice to see friendly familiar faces that take pride in what they sell and how they treat the neighbors that they serve. And besides, who doesn’t like the smell and taste of some delicious baked goods?

Scheneider’s Bakery opened in 1954 in the basement of a grocery store by two brothers and moved to its current location in 1957. In 1987, when Mr. Schneider was ready to retire, one of the employees, Jeff Hamler bought the bakery. Thirty years later, in 2017, when Mr. Hamler wanted to retire, a Westerville native and former professional basketball player Shaun Stonebrook purchased the bakery. You can go in the bakery today and see 6’7″ Shaun ducking to get through the doorways, hands covered with flour, working along side his other employees. The recipes remain the same and that is what keeps it such a special place to visit.

Doc and I recently made our own visit the Thursday before Easter to order some goodies for dessert. Boy oh boy were those a big hit with the family, eliciting oohs and ahhs along with memories about all the years they have been going to this same bakery. Doc always remembers to get everyone’s favorite pastries. Nephew Scott, while biting into his orange iced pastry roll, told the story about going to the bakery in the wee hours of the morning after delivering the morning newspaper as a kid. Saving up his paper route money for the weekly treat. Niece Debbie covets the cream horns that Doc would always stop and get for her because they were and still are her favorite. It’s interesting to this dog how food can illicit so many good memories.

In a world that can sometimes be filled with chaos, it’s nice to know that you can still go to the corner bakery where you have gone your whole life and buy a sweet treat filled with memories.

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