Greetings From the Lake!

Photo by Angela Kirk

Dear Mom and Dad,

I haven’t written in awhile but Doc said now is a good time to drop you an e-mail since I am on vacation and not busy working. Hope you and everyone else are ok at the goat farm. I heard that you have both retired. Good for you! Sometime I think about those days and I get to feeling a little melancholy, but not to worry because I have a great life and Doc takes very good care of me.

This year Doc surprised me by taking me on my first week-long vacation. She rented a house that allowed one dog and you guessed it, I was the lucky dog. She tried to describe where we were going but since the farthest I’ve been is Dayton, Ohio I had no idea what she was talking about.

The night before we left she packed up the car with enough stuff to last a month. She even had a suitcase for me with my food, favorite toys, treats and my dog bed. We drove for a few hours and finally pulled in front of this cute little house where we were going to stay. As soon as we got settled Doc took me across the street to see the biggest body of water I have ever seen. She looked down at my surprised face and said “Welcome to Lake Erie, one of the great lakes!”

I don’t need to tell you that I was taken aback by the sounds of the water hitting the rocks, all the seagulls diving for fish and the new smells. It was a little over whelming at first but after about a day I got used to the new house and surroundings. We had a great big screened in porch that looked out at the lake and gave me a view of everything going on. You know how nosey I can be so this was like heaven.

Family, friends and even some old neighbors from back home showed up at the house to visit. It was fun spending such a relaxing week with everyone. The only bad thing that happened is that one night I fell right out of bed onto the hardwood floors. It made such a racket it scared Doc have to death and woke everybody up . Luckily I didn’t hurt myself.

My favorite part of the vacation was taking a long walk along the lake every morning with Doc. It was so quiet and peaceful and sometimes we would sit on a bench watching the Kelly’s Island ferry cross over to the island loaded with cars, supplies and people. It was nice having Doc to myself every morning.

As all good things must come to an end, eventually we had to pack up and go home. I admit that I was sad to leave.┬áDoc’s Aunt Pat used to say that vacation means to vacate and she was right. Everyone needs to get away, rest and get a different perspective on life, even this dog.

So mom and dad, everything is good so don’t worry about me. You knew what you were doing when you let me go live with Doc. I am one blessed dog. Give my best to everyone at the farm.

Your loving son,


  • connie r siegle
    September 5, 2018

    Dear Grover, I must admit , I am a little jealous I haven’t been to the beach in many moons ! What a nice puppy too,,,sending your mom a letter to let her know how you are.Summer is almost over and I can almost feel autumn in the air and I think I will spend as much time outdoors as I can, before it gets too rainy and cold. It is not the beach nor do I get to hit the road but I am content. I will be waiting for your next post, thanks for sharing Grover ! connie

  • Rebecca Harris
    September 6, 2018

    Glad you had such a relaxing vacation Grover,sorry about the fall.