Grover’s Mailbox

mailboxThe mailbox is full again, so lets see what questions my fans have this time!

Dear Grover,

When I take my dog Bailey for a walk, he wants to stop at the same tree, pole or fire hydrant that he sniffed  the day before and smell it again like he’s with the FBI collecting evidence for a crime. Then he raises his leg to pee. Why do dogs do that? 


Burt from Michigan


Dear Burt,

Well Burt, what looks like the same old tree and fire hydrant to you, is being “seen” with the nose of your dog and the scents are different everyday. When Doc takes me on our daily walks I do the same thing. She says I am reading my pee-mail and that is so true. Dogs get messages from all the other dogs that went by and lifted their legs on the same objects. If your dog has been neutered, then he is just trying to get the neighborhood gossip, if not, then he could be looking for love. The messages dogs leave are contained in the droplets of their urine, so now you know why sniffing and peeing is so important to us.

Happy Trails,



Dear Grover,

My dog Lilly likes to sit on my feet and on the feet of other people that she likes. Why does she do that? I have to admit, sometimes it gets annoying.

Best Wishes,



Dear Kim,

The first thing you need to know, is all dogs love feet. Why you may ask?  Well, there are a few reasons. One is that dogs get their information about you and the world from their sense of smell. Each human foot contains about 125,000 sweat glands. If your feet have been in socks and shoes all day, they are good and stinky and there is nothing we love more than stink. Second, some dogs are afraid that the human they love will get up and leave them, so they plant their bodies across your feet so you can’t escape. If your dog’s obsession with feet is starting to get on your nerves, try scheduling some cuddle time with her every day as some dogs sit on your feet due to insecurity. But remember, in the end you make the rules and if you don’t like a behavior, you need to let Lilly know. 

Good luck,




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