Guarding Dinner From Predators

Something about the days getting shorter triggers Doc to start cooking comfort food. All day I had to be tortured with the aroma of a mushroom chicken recipe that was cooking in the crock pot all day along with the homemade noodles boiling on the stove. Someone needed to guard the food so no one would get into it before supper, so I bravely volunteered for the job. That was before I knew a turkey would be involved.

Yup, Doc went grocery shopping while the food was cooking and she walked in the door with a huge 22 pound frozen turkey. I could tell by the way she was carrying it, that it was heavy. All I kept thinking was, if she drops that thing on her foot she will break it and I wasn’t trained to call 911. Luckily she hoisted that bird into the freezer and bragged about how cheap it was per pound. I guess when you are a human adult, the low price of turkey gives you a thrill.

Anyhow, after awhile I became so tired guarding all the food from predators, I fell asleep and started dreaming about Thanksgiving and all the tasty morsels I would snatch when baby Abe drops his food on the floor. It was one of the best dreams a dog could have. Soon I heard Doc’s voice and it woke me out of my blissful slumber. She was rude enough to ask me to move so she could finish preparing supper. That’s the thanks I get for guarding the food al day. Can you believe that?

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