Hello Summer, Good by Mr. Chipmunk!

Over at my house, we couldn’t be more happy that summer is almost here. Although our spring was beautiful this year, nothing beats all the outdoor activities, and the one that I look forward to the most, is trying to catch that pesky chipmunk that has been residing at our house. It lives under the patio, has been torturing me for the last three years and frankly, I have had it. This is the year Mr. chipmunk gets an eviction notice.

It knows I am not fast enough to catch it and knowing that, it has the nerve to run right past me when I am lying in the yard trying to get some sun and shut eye. It’s not even afraid of Doc! Why, just this morning Doc was a bit miffed when she found that the little sucker had dug up her mulch and left it scattered all over the driveway. As she was trying to sweep the mulch back off the driveway, she noticed out of the corner of her eye that it was sitting on a rock in the garden watching her. She told me he had the nerve to sit and stare at her like he was laughing and mocking her. I know it is said that all creatures great and small should try to live in harmony, but who ever said that obviously didn’t have to put up with a diabolical rodent. I feel like I am in the middle of an old Warner Brothers, Road Runner Cartoon where I am the Coyote and the chipmunk is the Roadrunner. We all know the Coyote never wins and I am trying to be smarter than the Coyote by using something safer than Acme dynamite and a net to catch the little sucker. After all I don’t want to blow up Doc’s house in the process.

After some thought I may need to call in my two dog buddies Frankie and Norman that live next door for backup. That little Frankie is fast and maybe he can catch it. He did catch a skunk a few weeks ago and that didn’t turn out too well at all, as he got sprayed right in the face, so maybe I should rethink my plan. All of this is making me tired. That is the great part about summer, I can think while I nap in the cool grass under the Maple tree, after all, I have all summer to deal with that chipmunk. I will keep you posted.

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