How to Get What You Need

Long ago, Doc taught me a valuable lesson. Ask for what you need. If the request is reasonable, most of the time you will get what you ask for. As usual, she was right, and that is how I ended up with my very plush new area rug for the office we use.

Since I am 10 years old and considered elderly, by dog standards, I sometimes need some extra help and care. Now don’t get me wrong I am still in good health and can do “zoomies” around the yard, but I have some trouble getting up on slick surfaces. Since there is no carpeting in the office we use, Doc noticed my back legs were sliding out from under me when I got up off the floor. To prevent any injuries in my old age, Doc started looking into some area rugs that would be easy to clean. After she looked at some on-line and got some information, she sent a message to the CEO about my predicament. After looking at some options and some discussion about what would be best for the space and what could be easily cleaned, it was decided that a rug would be just the thing to help me.

About a week went by and we ran into the CEO in the hallway and he told us the rug had been ordered and would be here soon. Doc thanked him and then she shocked me when she had the nerve to tell him that she thought a flat screen TV in our office, tuned to the Pet channel would help to keep me calm. He didn’t miss a beat and without hesitation told her ” That is a hard no!” I was relieved when I looked up and saw that smirk on her face because for a minute I thought she was serious. You never know with her, and that was a perfect example of being turned down because the request was no where near being reasonable.

The day we came back to work from vacation the rug was in the office rolled up in a corner. One of our patient’s was nice enough to help unroll it and place it on the floor. I was so excited I got on top of it even before it was rolled out all the way. Let me just say, I love my new rug. It feels magical to me. I sleep on it most of the time and even have dreams that I can fly on it across space and time. Now I am able to get up without sliding and I think the colors compliment my fur coat. Sometimes the simple things in life help the most and bring the most pleasure. I am thankful to the place I work that they take such good care of this therapy dog.

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