I Accept All Discarded Doggie Treats

IMG_0763Doc’s loud voice carried down the hall and I was horrified when I heard her tell Carol, one of our co-workers ” Just because your dog turned his nose up at those dog treats, what makes you think that Grover wants your dog’s leftovers?”

“Just one darn minute”, I thought to myself, I don’t care if Carol’s dog licked every treat in the bag, I want them and don’t think Doc should be making that decision for me. When is she going to let me start making my own decisions, for goodness sakes?

When Doc came back to the office, I just gave her the “stink eye.” At first she didn’t notice, but then she looked over and said, “What’s wrong with you?” “I don’t think you should be making decisions without consulting me first, I said, I’m not your little puppy any more, I don’t mind leftovers. Have you forgotten that I eat dirty kleenex out of the trash?”

Doc thought for a moment and responded, “I just don’t like people thinking that just because you are a mutt that you don’t deserve the best of everything.” “Oh,” I responded, “she pushed your class warfare button.”  A look of confusion came across Doc’s face as she processed what I had just said to her. “Oh my, she said, you are right Grover, how did you get to be such a smart therapist?” “I know what makes you tick.” I said.

And with that, she got up from her chair and I trotted behind her as she marched down the hall and apologized to Carol. “Grover will be happy to eat the treats, you were kind enough to bring for him today, he just happens to love leftovers.” Well, I thought to myself, it’s a start, but I think I need to work with her on her apologies.

  • Tommy
    June 7, 2017

    I also love left over/Second ✋ Treats”!!! Lol” But what the heck if other doggies don’t don’t have the taste buds God gave A work mule”!!? Lol”” I’ll enjoy very tasty treats”!!! THAT y’all don’t appreciate”!!? Lol” So Grover, My Fine Hairy friend” I guess that we both have an appreciation for Good Grub”!!? And I know that Doc makes certain that you may receive A Awesome Tasty treat if it’s on the All Natural”!? Or at least within the parameters of being good for you”!!!? Lol” Well my friends, God bless ya’ll and maybe next time we cross paths again”!! I’ll might have a Great Treat to share”!!? Lol,PacTo the E Out TOMMY,

  • connie
    June 9, 2017

    Dear Grover, don’t be too hard on the Doc. after all you are her baby,,,, and remember no matter how old or grown we get our moms will always be our moms and they all do weird stuff ! Boy could I tell you some stories about mine. Connie