I Ate the Whole Thing and I Liked It


GroverandGloveSince puppyhood, I have eaten many things that aren’t suppose to be on the menu of a dog. Rubber balls, foam out of slippers, packing peanuts, panty hose and feathers out of pillows just to name a few. But, even I was surprised what I ate the other day.

Late Thursday morning Doc took me over to the other building in the CompDrug complex where we work. She needed to talk to some of the counselors about a project she was working on. On the way back to the main building she became distracted while talking to another coworker. When she took me back into our office, she put her gloves in her pocket, hung up her coat and left the room. What Doc didn’t realize, was that she had dropped one of the gloves on to the floor.

At first I didn’t pay much attention to it, but I became curious after a while and went over just to sniff it. Then I decided I had better lick it, just to see what it tasted like. Before I knew it, I was chewing on it and had suddenly eaten the whole thing. After that I took a nap.

When Doc came back to the office, she put on her coat, put her hands in her pocket and only had one glove. She looked around the office, then looked me in the eye and said “Grover did you eat my glove?” Since there was no evidence I didn’t say a word. At that point, Doc started retracing her steps, went back over to the building and asked multiple staff members if anyone had found a black glove. Scott, one of the counselors that I like very much because he feeds me bacon and pretzles exclaimed, “He couldn’t have eaten a whole glove!” On Friday she continued her search and Len, another counselor thought he had seen it in the trash, so they looked through the trash cans, but couldn’t find it.

Everything was fine until Sunday. Doc saw on the TV that a snow storm was on the way, so she decided to pick up after me in the yard. She bent down to pick up my poo and saw pieces of the black glove. Busted! She looked alarmed, but I was fine and continued to act like I didn’t know a thing. For a week she watched me like a hawk, followed me around when I ate, used the bathroom and kept checking my belly.

Well, things are back to normal but I learned a few things 1. Bro code applies even between male dogs and male humans (Thanks to Len and Scott for trying to cover for me); 2. What goes in one end comes out the other;  3. Doc is smarter than she looks, so I might as well tell the truth in the very beginning; and  4. Doc loves me and is always looking out for me. That’s the most important thing of all.

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