I Ate the Whole Thing and I’m Not Sorry

What do you do to amuse yourself after you have been placed in time out for what Doc claims is inappropriate behavior? You may wonder what heinous crime I committed to get me in so much trouble, so let me tell you my side of the story.

It was just a regular Tuesday at work and we had a break between patients, so I decided to meander down the hall to visit Sheila, one of my co-workers. She was giving me a back massage when Doc came into the room. Well, Doc and Sheila started talking and Sheila stopped my massage, so I got bored listening to those two talk about work. I decided to look around the office for something to do. Suddenly, I spied a tote bag on the floor next to the desk and thought I should probably investigate to make sure there was nothing dangerous inside that could hurt the staff. As I got closer I noticed a wonderful aroma coming from the bag, so I did what any dog would do, I stuck my head down in it, all in the name of safety of course. But just as I was pulling the contents out of the bag and sinking my teeth into it, the yelling started. Startled, I turned around just as Doc grabbed me and tried to pull the baggy out of my mouth that had the food inside. I have jaws of steel and was not going to give her the bag. If she was hungry she needed to find her own food, I thought to myself. But of course she won and was horrified to find out that I had taken a big bite out of Sheila’s lunch. Doc immediately threw it in the trash where I made the mistake of trying to fish it out again. After all you shouldn’t waste perfectly good food.

Doc was quite upset by my behavior and offered to buy her another lunch. Sheila sure didn’t seem that bothered and was a lot nicer about the whole thing than Doc was. Doc scolded me all the way down the hall. I told Doc that I thought it was Sheila’s fault for leaving food where I would be tempted and reminded her that science says that dogs intellectual ability is the same as a toddler’s, so what did she expect. That really set Doc off and she gave me a lecture about taking responsibility and then sent me to my bed to use my “toddler intellect to think about what I had done.”

It’s now late in the evening after supper as I write this, and Doc has already moved on. That is the good thing about Doc, she doesn’t hold a grudge. As for me, I just can’t promise I won’t try to steal food again. After all, what dog do you know that ever passed up a free snack?

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