I Don’t Want to Spring Forward

What human had the big idea that we should change the clock twice a year? And why does an entire nation go along with it like you are captive to the rule? I’ll tell you one thing, messing with all of our circadian rhythms would never be a thing a dog would come up with. It just makes no sense., especially when I have to rise an hour early to use the bathroom in some snow that fell overnight. The humans are grouchy, and I am too. Loosing an hour of sleep is never a good idea. They say this was originally done to help the farmers, but have you ever seen a cow or a goat wearing a watch? The only thing that I can figure is that this stupid rule has to be part of some bigger conspiracy and this dog is going to get to the bottom of it.

The only thing that appeased me was that I did get my breakfast an hour early and that woke me up enough to think about who could be behind this plot to mess with people’s sleep schedule. The first thing I did was call one of Doc’s relatives that is heavily into conspiracy theories, hoping he would help me find some answers. Walter, ( not his real name) answered the phone on the first ring but was too nervous to answer my questions in person. ” The phone could be bugged, he said in a low whisper, meet me in the park.” So about an hour later I arrived at the park and was surprised to learn from Walter that interstellar Lizard people are running the government and have secret societies that control everything, even the time change. Why they would want to control the time change he could not explain, but is was an interesting conversation none the less and I did get some exercise.

Back to the drawing board, I decided to do my own research and came up with a more probable reason than Lizard people. This time I called one of the history professors Doc and I know. Even though his explanation was not as interesting as Walter’s, it sure made more sense than the extraterrestrial theory. The professor said that the first real use of Daylight savings time came about during WWI and then was used again during WWII thinking it would help save fuel for the war effort. It did not. After the wars were over we went back to standard time. It wasn’t until 1966 that it was reintroduced as the Uniform Time Act. As of today, no one I know likes it, including the farmers and so we are back to the original question. Why do you allow yourselves to remain captive to a rule nobody likes. Rise up people!

Reminding myself that Doc has always told me that you can only control your own behavior I have decided that I will no longer follow this asinine rule that no one seems to agree with. And if Doc keeps offering me my dinner an hour early now that we have sprung forward, I will protest and not eat it early. Wait who am I kidding? Have you ever know me to pass up a meal?

Breaking News! Yesterday the senate approved the Sunshine Protection Act making daylight savings time permanent. If approved by the house the president can then sign it in to law and will start in 2023. I must not have been the only one to complain.

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