I Love You Just the Way you Are

” When you love a person, we except him or her exactly as is; the lovely with the unlovely, the strong with the fearful, the true mixed in with the facade and of course the only way we can do it, is by accepting ourselves that way.” Mister Rogers

Everybody probably has that one friend that you love, but they can get out of hand sometimes and work your last nerve. For me that is my furry friend next door named Frankie. He’s a bit hyper to say the least. If patience is a virtue, I need to keep working on that with him. For example, the other day Doc was nice enough to take him on a walk with us as his owners were out of town and the lady taking care of him could not handle his energy. Boy did that turn out to be a wild adventure.

For a little guy he is strong and for whatever reason he does not like to be on the leash. First he pulled to the right and then to the left. When he wasn’t trying to pull us down the street he was inappropriately trying to sniff my privates, trees and any human or dog that passed by. Who does that? After about two minutes of him trying to control the walk both Doc and I had had enough and we started setting some boundaries. I tried to set the example, but Frankie follows to the beat of his own drum. As a result, Doc shortened the leash so he could only go so far and I gently put my paw on top of his head when he got out of line. And you know what? He started acting like he had some sense and stayed right next to Doc the entire walk. We looked like a professional dog walking team coming down the street. By the time we got home poor little Frankie was all tuckered out. I guess it was exhausting for him trying to behave.

The next morning Frankie came over to play and was back to his old wild self again. I guess a good nights sleep helped him to recuperate. When I told Doc he was acting like a wild Tasmanian devil in our yard and that I didn’t want to play with him until he could straighten up, you know what she said? ” Guess who use to act like that Grover” she said looking me straight in the eye. ” What? I responded. I haven’t always been perfect? ” I was astounded as she told me about my younger out of control self. ” Just like I was patient with you, you need to set an example and be patient with Frankie. That is what a good friend does.” she said with conviction.

So of course she was right. I don’t want to be a fair weather friend and I do love the little guy, so I promised Doc I would remain patient. Maybe Doc could send me to school with the Dali Llama. He seems pretty chill from all that meditation and could probably give me a few pointers. Until then I will love my little friend just the way he is, hoping he will grow out of this wild stage soon as this old dog can’t hang like I use to.

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