Is Anybody Out There?


My doggy world consists of the places Doc takes me, or where she allows me to go on my own. I was certainly surprised to find out that life exists beyond my safe haven to galaxies far, far away. Not only are there other planets, but astronomers have been trying to contact and listen for signals from alien civilizations since 1960. That is until recently.

Apparently there is a brouhaha between scientists concerning the risk to planet earth by shouting out to extraterrestrials. The researchers at the Search for Extraterrestrial Institute in California want to send signals from powerful radio telescopes. Critics like cosmologist Steven Hawking think sending signals into space is a bad idea as advanced ET’s might come to earth and take over. So, the debate goes on. What’s interesting to me, is some of the messages they have sent.  They have beamed messages into outer space that include; a plaque depicting a naked couple waving hello, an image of a stick man, the DNA double helix symbol, and the Beatles song “Across the Universe.” But, it gets better. Now the Seti Institute wants to broadcast the entire content of the Internet. Can you image some alien life form trying to understand The Kardashians and decipher Facebook?  I do not understand why they are surprised that no aliens have responded back. They probably think humans are some half baked society that is not worth bothering with.

From a dog’s perspective, I am always amazed that humans think that they are the only intelligent life form that can communicate, inhabit or run a planet. Consider this….It may be that the most intelligent form of life in the universe is an advanced group of canines. The reason that no one has answered the signals sent from earth is because we are already living among you and have been slowly taking over for years. Skeptical? Think about how a dog’s status has slowly advanced in the last few decades. We no longer live outside in pacs, but have manipulated humans into sleeping in your beds, eating your food, and even getting some of you to dress us up in clothing and push us around in strollers. You all go to work everyday to provide food and shelter for us while we stay home and sleep. Now, who do you think is the smarter life form? Well, just something for all of you to think about.


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  • melissa
    March 18, 2015

    my dear grover,I firmly believe that canines are most intelligent creatures in the universe. It is now time for them to take over the government, starting with Congress! Imagine the possibilities Religate all the GOP to flea control. For the first time they would be doing something useful!! Put Bark collars on all of them! AH HAA! I have entered dreamland.