Live, From The Ohio State Fair

Doc told me that this morning she received an email that invited me to make a personal appearance at The Ohio State Fair this Friday. Now this isn’t just any rinky dink county fair, this is the big one for the whole state. After getting over the shock, I was curious to find out why I was being asked to appear. Because Doc was busy seeing patients and could not talk to me about it immediately I started coming up with my own ideas.

I had heard that Willie Nelson was performing there and wondered if they needed me to sing a duet with him. He probably found out that I have perfect pitch when I howl along to his songs and thought I would be an asset to his act. Or maybe I will be assisting the ” Daredevil Escapologist, Lady Houdini” in case she gets trapped and needs me to jump in the tank of water where she is chained and drag her out to safety. Boy wouldn’t that get me on the evening news! Or I could be a judge at the pig races. Being friends all these years with Cupcake the pig would probably qualify me as an expert judge. It could be one of many reasons and I was excited to find out.

After work, Doc told me that I had been asked by our employer if I could make an appearance at the booth we will have at the fair. She said our agency will be there to promote awareness about our organization, hand out information about addiction, recovery and mental health and answer questions. Since I am the therapy dog extraordinaire I guess they figured no fair booth would be complete without me. Of course I told Doc I would be happy to oblige on one condition, that I get to try the deep fried cheese or deep fried pickles I keep hearing about. ” Absolutely not!” she said. “Don’t you remember that you just got out of the hospital a month ago because of gastrointestinal issues? I am not going through that with you again. ” Well, I said with a glint in my eye, how about you take me over to the Dairy building and let me lick the cow carved out of butter?” Even Doc had to laugh at the thought of me doing that.

So no solo with Willie, but I will be happy to cheer up some fair goers on Friday and I will let you know what happened. You never know what kind of adventure I might get into at the fair.

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