Mayor Doc

A few weeks ago Doc received an odd envelope at work with the title ” The Honorable.” Well that piqued both of our interests and when she opened the package there was a letter that said she was the mayor of some smaller town outside of Columbus. Sent from the Commissioner from the county board, he was asking her to review some material from the housing task force to give ideas about more affordable housing around the city. Looking over her shoulder at the letter I wondered if she had secretly run for mayor when I wasn’t looking?

Doc just burst out laughing after she read it, as she knew exactly why this had happened. She has the same name as the mayor of the small town and someone at the commissioners office had made a mistake. That did get me to thinking that if she is mayor, I should be appointed her deputy with the official title Deputy Dog. Thinking of the power I could have and make sure there were treats stations through out the city for my fellow canines made me feel like I could be a big shot in the dog community, but I digress.

Our fellow co-workers had a lot of fun thinking of all the possibilities of Doc being mayor including changes that could be made and events that we could host. Some of the staff are still calling her Mayor Doc. In the end we are content doing our regular job and happy where we are, but it’s always fun to dream about a whole other life.

  • Kelli
    October 19, 2023

    I’d vote for you!

    • Grover
      October 20, 2023


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