My Bucket List

IMG_0715-2Even though it is only March, Doc and her family are making plans for their summer vacation. I am always taken aback that they never ask me what I would like to do. They just assume that I will be fine with whatever they decide. So this year, I have come up with my own bucket list of what I would like to do on vacation and I hope they don’t wait until they think I am ready to leave this world to use my suggestions.

  1. I would like to travel to the Black Forrest in Germany. (It’s called the Black Forrest because it is so dense with trees, it is really dark in there). I would run around and pee on every tree to my heart’s content, lay down, take a nap, drink more water and then do it all over again.
  2. Spend a week vacationing in a furniture/bedroom store where I could sleep on and relax on every sofa and bed in the place. Then I would rate them according to their comfort level, so that humans could take that into consideration when buying a new couch or mattress. I would invite some of my dog friends with me so that they could rate them as well.
  3. Go to every summer festival or fair and run free without restriction. I would follow humans eating junk they drop on the ground and sniff their butts without restriction as I slink through the crowds unnoticed because the humans are too busy looking for the fried Twinkie booth.
  4. Go to a secret location by myself on vacation and live a create a secret life that Doc would not find out about. I don’t yet know what I would do, but at least it would be something only I would know about. (Even dogs need some privacy).
  5. Spend an entire week baying and barking violently at each and everything I want to without being told by Doc, “That’s enough barking Grover, quiet!” What Doc doesn’t understand is that there are a lot of dangerous things in the world like rouge squirrels roaming the earth that can be a danger to those that I love.

I hope Doc and the family take my list into consideration. I would like to experience some of my list while I am still young enough to have fun.

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