My Little Corner of Heaven

Photo by Angela Kirk

You can hear the thunder off in the distance now that the storm has moved past our house. It was a good soaking and needed after so many months of dry weather in July and August. I can already see the grass greening up again, loosing some of the brown that had crept in during the dry spell. Everything looks so clean and refreshed as the late evening sun makes a brief appearance before setting in the West. Since it stopped raining, Doc has let me out in the back yard where I sit in my favorite spot on the hill under the pear tree. This is where I sit in every season so that I can keep watch over the acre behind our house. Doc would call it a mindfulness exercise. Since I don’t speak psycho babble I just call it feeling at peace.

I think it’s easy for you humans to get so caught up in your lives that you forget how you are connected to the earth. Your pets are there to remind you of that lest you forget.  Many times I am able to draw Doc back to nature after a busy day if I am patient and sit very quietly. Eventually she will come be next to me on the grass and we just sit there side by side without a word being spoken between us. That is the time I feel most connected to her.

The artist Claude Monet said it the best; ” My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature.”

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  1. Dear Grover, what a beautiful post ! It is certainly easy to get caught up in all the chaos and not enjoy the real beauty of life and the simple things. I had a dear friend many years ago that told me the reason I was having problems was because I was not one with the land , he was a medicine man from the Navajo tribe out west and it took me many moons to get a good understanding of his advice and of course I sometimes forget so that you for the reminder. Have many enjoyable hours in your little corner of heaven ,,,connie

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