Over Nighter

FullSizeRender-4Doc’s leaving town again, but she says it’s just for one night. I overheard her tell a friend that she’s going to a concert with those old college friends of hers. So I better get my bag packed, because I am going to stay with those nice people at the veterinarians office.

Lets, see, what should I take? Dog food…..check, fluffy dog bed…..check, favorite chew toy…..check. Packed and ready to go in under ten minutes.

Doc on the other hand, needs a lot of stuff, especially what she refers to as beauty supplies. For instance, she takes a whole jar of that anti-wrinkle cream that she likes to slather all over her face morning and night and that’s not all. For a one night stay she takes her curling iron, blow dryer, make-up, a few changes of clothes, shoes, jewelry and pajamas. The one item she takes on special occasions that is fascinating to me is an undergarment she calls Spanx. I have to admit it is quite comical watching her hop up and down, tug and pull trying to get it on. She says she wears it to suck everything back in place, but it looks like a torture device to me. I’m afraid she going to hurt something putting it on one day, but I digress. By the time we are ready to go, it’s almost two hours past the time she wanted to get on the road. Doc could learn a lot about time management and  packing light from me if she would just pay attention.

When we finally get to the veterinarians office, we have to wait until the vet tech comes to check us in. While waiting, a nice lady comes in the door carrying a crate and there is something alive inside. I go over to investigate and I see two green eyes looking back at me. Just as I get closer and start sniffing, the beast hisses and tries to scratch my nose with it’s long dagger claws. I about jump out of my skin, lurch backward and almost knock Doc over in the process. I find out it’s a cat and she is staying all night too. I hope the cat isn’t going to be my roommate or Doc won’t be the only one that has an overnight adventure. Yikes!

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