Pampered Presidential Pooches

Obama-Dogs-China-CrystalRecently I read a very long article about how busy the White House dogs are. Apparently Bo and Sunny, the Obama family dogs are so scheduled that they barely have time to eat and sleep. Boo hoo. Those pampered pooches don’t have a clue.

The article said they have their own personal assistant that sends a memo to Mrs. Obama to approve their appearances.  They probably ride around in the presidential limo with the secret service in tow, drinking Perrier water and eating steak for dinner.

Do I sound jealous? Well maybe, just a little. But I think I am going to e-mail Mrs. Obama to see if Bo and Sunny could come stay with Doc and I for a while. I think it would be good for them to see how the other half lives and they would probably leave feeling more appreciative of what they have.

Wait until they find out that Doc wakes us up at 5am to get ready for work. Then it’s time to hop in the back of the car, (not a limo) for the ride down the freeway. After a full day at the office, cheering up patient’s and staff, then back home we go where there are no fancy lawns, rose gardens or personal assistants to meet our every need.

Bo and Sunny will probably be shocked to find that play time consists of chasing an old smelly tennis ball Doc found on one of our walks. At supper time there are no fancy steak dinners, only dry dog food and generic Milk Bones for snacks. Then it’s off to bed where we sleep on a dog bed on the floor not in the Lincoln bedroom where they probably sleep at home. I think Bo and Sunny would be calling their personal assistant howling to come get them after one day with us. Or maybe not. They might be tired of the limelight and would just like a regular life in the burbs. After all I did hear that in January they arrested a man when they found out he was traveling to Washington to kidnap one of them. How scary, at least I never have to worry about being dog napped.

Well, I better go check my e-mail and see if Mrs. Obama has gotten back with me about Bo and Sunny’s visit, after all I need time to prepare. It’s not every day that the president’s dogs come for a sleepover.


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