“Paranoia Will Destroy Ya”


Photo by Angela Kirk

Sitting a top the slope in the back yard, I can keep watch over the acre beyond the fence and into the next neighborhood. It is my job as the neighborhood dog to alert everyone when sudden movement or strangers appear. I toss my head back and bark and bay to announce to the interlopers that I am guarding over my domain. Just like my ancestors did, I take my job of protecting the perimeter very seriously.

Through my observations, humans take protecting themselves very seriously as well, although I do think you take your safety way too far.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for taking precautions, and I understand that some people live in safer areas than others, but you don’t want to become so fearful, that you create unnecessary stress and anxiety for yourself. I get the impression that you think you can ward off bad things forever. In reality, there is only so much you can control. I know some of you may disagree, but lets look at the facts.

For starters, the United States spends more on defense than the next 9 biggest nations to protect its borders. You have the national guard to protect each state, sheriffs and city police, and don’t forget the neighborhood watches. Wait, I’m not done yet. There are car and home alarms and safes to store your stuff in. There are dead bolts for your door, along with security cameras so that you can see who is in your yard.  There are helmets to protect your heads when riding motorcycles, bikes or any other thing that moves, seat belts, airbags, and guns to protect you and your property. Well you get the idea.

It’s all so exhausting to think about. They say Americans are more frightened and paranoid than any other nation on the planet. Since I haven’t been out of Ohio I will just have to take Google’s word for it.

Luckily the only scary thing that has come into Doc’s yard is a big deer that tried to jump the fence, but I took care of that doe when I snuck out from behind the bushes and started barking. I think I scared the poor dear half to death.

  • connie
    February 14, 2017

    Dear Grover, you are so blessed … you are able to put things together and make so much sence is a chaotic world but that doesn’t mean that I will get rid of our home protection any time soon. Smiles

    • Grover
      February 15, 2017

      Dear Connie,
      Thanks for your comments.
      Best wishes,