Planting Seeds, One at a Time

In the spring, Doc loves to get out in the yard and work in the flower beds planting, cleaning and mulching. Doc has an understanding of what plants will help to nourish the birds, the bees and all the little critters in the environment. With that in mind, the other day when I was sitting on the back porch taking in the glorious scent of our lilac bush, I noticed the bees pollinating the flowers and it dawned on me the importance of planting seeds. When we plant seeds we not only end up nourishing what is in our own yard, but it ends up spreading to the gardens around us as well because we are all connected. I think this applies to the seeds we plant in our own lives as well.

As a therapy dog I have observed that humans either choose a path of planting good seeds by living and doing things that are a blessing to others, or they plant seeds trying only to reap the harvest for themselves. If you reap everything for yourself, it may lead to a temporary feeling of happiness, but in the end you have a bounty and no one to share it with and you are left feeling empty. Then you get caught in the rut of trying to fill that void with more and more stuff, but it never works. What a sad life.

You know it’s funny, most of the good humans I know aren’t even aware of all the seeds that they plant and the ripple affect that they have on others. They just go through life with the daily intention of being kind and helpful and remain humble about the many seeds they plant through out their lives. They never win any awards, they aren’t rich, you don’t read about them in social media or in the press but they make an impact in others lives and they are rich beyond belief because being kind and giving always leaves you feeling full. Doc often tells people struggling with emptiness, ” If you want to be happy in life, be of service to others.”

So go forth today and plant your seeds. Don’t let others try to discourage you or tell you that one person can’t make that big of a difference in the world. You never know until you try. Remember, out of one small oak seedling a forest grew.

” They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.” Dinos Christianopoulos

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