Should you Consider Spending the Day in Bed?

Doc actually read me an article on the internet the other day that said humans need to stop pushing themselves so hard and think about spending the day in bed. I was suspicious at first thinking this must be written by a company trying to sell more mattresses, but it ended up being legit. The article said humans need to stop exposing themselves to all the anxiety provoking news on television and social media, slow down, shut everything off and stay in bed. Doc and I being open to trying new things decided we would give it a shot and see if it worked to reduce our stress. Lets just say things didn’t work out exactly like we had hoped.

It all sounded so luxurious, just laying around in bed all day like a couple of rich movie stars. The problem was that rich people have staff to do things for them and keep all their balls up in the air. On the other hand, working stiffs like ourselves our responsible for getting our own stuff done, so we decided the best course of action would be to get our chores completed ahead of time. That meant packing all our chores into one day. So exhausting! As we were working so hard to get everything accomplished for our day of rest, I thought to myself that maybe that this was just a big set up. After all the work we were doing, we would need a day in bed to crash, so what’s the point? Yet we persevered and went to bed reveling in the thought that the next day we would do nothing.

One of the luxuries of having a day with nothing to do is that you can sleep in. There was just one problem with that, I go to the bathroom outside and can’t open the door myself. So I had to wake Doc up fairly early to let me out. After that we went back to bed. About an hour of relaxing my stomach started growling and since I don’t have opposable thumbs, I had to wake Doc again to get my breakfast. Then it was time to go outside again to sniff around the yard to see what creatures of the night had left their scent. Doc was wide awake by then, so she got up, got dressed and made her own breakfast. Then she did the dishes because there is no maid to help her. Later in the day I needed my walk, some treats. Well you get the idea, I am high maintenance.

We really tried hard to lay down and relax after all the activity but it was a nice day and too good to waste being inside. After all there was yard work to do and it was just nice to be outside in the warmth after the winter we endured.

There is kind of a happy ending to this diatribe. After a few hours of Doc cleaning up the flower beds and me supervising, we were a good kind of tired. So Doc came in, took a shower and we finally both laid down on the bed. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching some good old movies and one even had a dog as the star. We lazed around until the sun went down and then it was time to sleep.

Maybe we just aren’t the kind of people that can unplug all the way but we did learn that we need some balance in our day. Nothing in this world is just black and white, so I encourage all of you to find what brings you peace and then set aside time to do it. After all, balance is the ultimate goal.

  • Kate Rinehart
    April 13, 2022

    Definitely missing Grover… and Doc too 🙂 Reading this brings on a flood of memories and tears!

    • Grover
      April 14, 2022

      Thank you for your kind words. We miss you too!