Sick As a Dog

In case you hadn’t noticed, it has been two weeks since I wrote my blog. There was an event that kept me so busy that I did not have the time think about anything but Doc and her well being, because after three years of the virus going around, Doc finally came down with COVID. Up until now, I think Doc was starting to think she had some kind of immunity that was keeping her from getting it, but she found out she is not invincible, and is human just like the rest of you.

She started feeling tired on a Friday afternoon and then everything went down hill after that until she tested positive the following Monday. She became suspicious late Sunday night when she noticed the peanut butter ice cream bar she was eating didn’t taste like peanut butter at all. Yes, she had lost her taste, one of the symptoms. Of course I knew she was sick long before she did. Did you know that dogs can smell all sorts of illness even before doctors and their tests can identify them? There are dogs trained to sniff out cancer cells and In the beginning of COVID, before there were instant tests, they had dogs trained to sniff out the COVID virus. Yes, we are wonderful creatures if I do say so myself.

But, I digress. It’s rare I see Doc feeling so bad that she does not want to get out of bed, but she was very fatigued and needed her rest, the problem is, she doesn’t seem to have an off button. Even with her sickness she was either putting in a load of laundry, or doing some chore between naps. She often said to me ” Here I have this time off and I am too tired to get anything done. what a waste of time.” After taking care of her a few years back after shoulder surgery, I am very aware that she is not a compliant patient, so I was on high alert and found the only way to get her back in bed was to follow her everywhere. It is certainly tiring trying to care for someone that will not follow the rules.

As COVID was not enough, on the the fifth day of her mandatory quarantine, we were watching a movie and munching on those good Snyder’s Sour Dough pretzels when I heard a crack coming form Doc’s mouth. Holly Moley! Doc had chipped her # 2 molar on the bottom side of her mouth. What else could happen? Luckily she was not in any pain. The next morning she called her dentist, explained she was positive for COVID out of quarantine, but still masking, and much to her surprise they gave her an appointment for the next afternoon. The dentist did not want to run the risk of her being uncomfortable or the tooth getting more damage. After her appointment the next day, she came home good as new with a temporary crown.

Doc was lucky, she only had a mild case and the new medicine combined with the vaccines she had chosen to get helped her to have a good outcome.. I sure am thankful for all the help that Doc was given from her dentist and the nice medical people at Urgent Care where they treated her for COVID. I could not have done everything myself. It takes a village with that woman.

We are both happy to be back at work, but I have to say I am worn out. Luckily I have a job where the staff and patients don’t mind if I nap on and off through out he day, because this dog deserves a rest.

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