Sleeping in Doc’s Bed

Photo by Angela Kirk

On Sunday morning, I like to go outside to get the newspaper and bring it in for Doc. This particular morning after spreading it open on the floor, a picture of a cute Border Collie caught my eye in the Healthy Living section. But the headline in bold letters above the picture sent shivers down my spine. ” SHOULD YOUR DOG SLEEP IN YOUR BED?” Now what kind of sick person would even think such a thing let alone write a story about it? What if our humans see this and consider putting the kibosh on nighttime canoodling? Since Doc was still asleep, I decided to do what any dog would do in my position, I hid the paper and then notified the other dogs in the neighborhood..

It wasn’t long before I heard Doc stirring in the other room. I watched closely as she came into the kitchen and starting glancing around for the paper. ” Did you bring in the paper Grover?” she asked while making her coffee.  And with a wide-eyed expression I looked her straight in the eye and told a bold-faced lie. ” No it wasn’t out there.” I said sheepishly ” The paper delivery is awful, she said. That is the second time in 6 weeks that he forgot me.” Then Doc did something I hadn’t planned on, she got on the newspaper’s web site to launch a complaint and to have another paper delivered. Now what was I going to do? I thought.  So I did what liar’s do in my position, I went and hid under the bed.

It wasn’t long before the doorbell rang and I could hear Doc talking to someone at the front door. After the door closed, I heard Doc call me in that voice she uses when she means business. ” Grover, you come here right now!” As I slithered toward her she started in on me…”Grover, that man said he already delivered the paper, now where is it? In fact, he told me all the newspapers are missing in the entire neighborhood.”

Retrieving the paper from my hiding place, I brought it in to Doc and opened it to the article that had started this whole thing. As Doc looked at the headline, she then did what I hadn’t done and read the entire article. ” Is this why you hid the paper and then lied to me about it?” she inquired. I nodded my head up and down. ” Did you even read this, or did you just look at the headlines?” she asked. ” She didn’t wait for my response. ” If you had read the whole thing then you would have known that scientists have found that it’s fine to let your dog sleep with you. That’s what happens when you just read a headline and assume the worst.”  She then asked the final question I did not want to answer, “You told all the other dogs in the neighborhood, didn’t you, that’s why everyone’s paper is missing.”

There are times in your life that you know you are dead wrong and just want to slink into the darkness , but this was not the time. I started with the man that delivers the papers, walked all the way to his house and tried my best to make amends. Then I went door to door to apologize to every dog I might have gotten in trouble by sounding a false alarm.

When I got home it was starting to get dark and Doc saw me looking in the bedroom door. ” Come on Grover, get into bed you’ve created enough chaos for one day.”

  • Tommy
    April 11, 2018

    So that’s why my little buddy”Benny”, Hide my paper from me”!!? ‘ Now he can sleep with our daughter with the Stinky feet”!!? LOL, No I’ll let him slide!! Cause he’s my toe heater” Lol” Well GOD BLESS YOU All TODAY Shalom

    • Grover
      April 12, 2018

      Thanks Tommy!

  • connie
    April 16, 2018

    Dear Grover, you are by far the funniest dog I know and Lord knows I have 5 of them and guess what ? my favorite pup sleeps with me every nite, she sometimes even hogs the pillow ! Just remember ,,, sometimes things are not what they seem. connie