Stay At Home

Photo by Angela Kirk

Well, here we are looking at each other day in and day out without much to do but eat, sleep and sometimes get on each other’s nerves. The Governor of Ohio has ordered us to shelter in place and to not leave the house unless we need important thing like dog treats. We both understand the orders are important to help stop the spread of the virus. Doc’s mom use to tell her that before she made a decision in life to also consider how her choice would affect others as well. It seems now is an excellent time to apply that advice.

The lucky thing is that Doc and I still get to work most days from the safety of our home. We only go in to work one day per week when Doc is the on site crisis counselor. We have continued to do counseling and check in with our patients through tele therapy. The common theme for almost everyone is that this is a scary time because there are still a lot of unknowns. It feels surreal and why wouldn’t it? Our lives changed drastically in a short period of time.

The most important thing that Doc stresses with her patients and other that are anxious is that this will not last forever. So for now, do the best that you can to care for yourself and your loved ones. And don’t forget to thank the people who continue to go to work every day so that we have health care, groceries, gas, transportation, and deliveries. They put themselves at extra risk so that we can have what we need. Until next week, please stay safe and well.


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  • connie siegle
    April 5, 2020

    Dear Grover, It was fantastic to hear from you and to hear positive words , It is so easy to get caught up on the negatives. I am a homebody any way but have a family member that is a little put off having to stay home but it is our job to make sure that our home stays germ free for my aging mother and that makes it a little easier for them to stay put, lol Can not wait to hear from you again, I mostly enjoy your posts but it also lets me know that you and the Doc. are healthy and still there for us all, THANK YOU connie