Stinkin Mink in the Back Yard

As of this morning not only are Doc and I dealing with a pandemic and murder hornets, but now flooding has hit the area, so it was quite the surprise to see strange new species of animals showing up at our house like they are getting ready to evacuate. I guess they are just moving to higher ground.

It was about 6am and I was in the yard attending to my morning constitutional before breakfast. I noticed the usual possum strolling by as he headed to bed after working the night shift. No big deal, I see him every morning and we nod and greet each other. But just as I was turning to come back in the house the breeze brought a sent of the most foulest smelling odor ever. I spotted the critter out of the corner of my eye and he must have been frightened by my big manly dog size because he hightailed it across the back acre, but not before Doc spotted it and let out a high pitched screech. ” What is that thing?” she hollered. At first we thought it was someones pet ferret that had escaped, but after conversing with some neighbors we were told it was a mink. “Holly cow,” I said out loud. “This is one swanky neighborhood if we have mink running around.”

After some research we found out that the mink are suppose to live around here. We just never see them as they stay near the creek or the damn and after the water rose to flood stage, they wandered to areas they don’t usually go. It was a treat to see it in the middle of all this mess and Doc went outside to snap it’s picture as it was running away. “He must be camera shy, ” I said to Doc. ” Oh the wonders of nature,” Doc replied, and I nodded my head in agreement.



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