The Butterfly Effect

Photo by Angela Kirk

The other day when Doc and I were out at the horse farm, one of the patients found a butterfly in the corner of the barn that was lifeless. The patient was taken by how the beauty of the butterfly and carefully brought it to Doc to watch over until it was time to leave. Gazing upon this beautiful creation made me think about how the butterfly symbolizes change and self-transformation. It is such a metaphor for our own lives if we look closely enough.

Often I hear people say that they don’t like change, but like it or not it is part of our personal evolution. Some change is forced on us and some we choose. We can fight against it or see it as a way of letting go of the old to make way for the new. When struggling with change I often ask myself what the change truly represents in my life and how I can use the experience to grow stronger.

Like the butterfly as we move through our cycles of life, we must trust in our ability to weather anything that we encounter, knowing that with courage and patience we will once again emerge with beautiful wings and fly.

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  • connie
    June 5, 2019

    Dear Grover, thank you for the wise words today. I do not think that I handle change well at all and sometimes become very resentful when I feel like I don’t have get to choose when/how the change occurs, guess who I hurt the most when I dig in my heels and refuse to move forward ? Well me and the people I love the most,,,that is who suffers ! I must choose to look forward to see the payoffs of change. Thanks again for starting this conversation ( I needed it ! )