The Case of the Visiting Hedgehog

Doc is rarely surprised by the things that show up inside our house, as most of the time she knows where they came from. That was until the other night when a strange unidentified object showed up for a visit.

It was just after dusk and Doc had taken me outside to use the bathroom before bed. She had just taken off my leash, kicked off her shoes and was walking into the family room when she stopped dead in her tracks and said out loud ” What was that I just stepped on, Grover do you know what this thing is?” As she bent down to pick it up and examine it, I pled the fifth and went on about my business like I didn’t know a thing.

Having a mind like a detective, Doc starting gathering clues. She first concluded that I didn’t pick it in when we were outside or it would have been moist from my saliva, but instead was dry as a bone. It was kind of dark so she assumed that I had chewed the cover off of one of my toys and left the center squishy part. That only worried her that I had ingested the rest of it. ” Grover I hope you didn’t swallow that.” she said with concern. She then took the unidentified object and threw it in the trash. ” Oh no, not the trash!” I thought to myself. What Doc didn’t know was that that thing she threw away was very precious to someone we both knew. It’s as if she had read my mind when she suddenly went back in the kitchen and got the thing out of the trash and laid it on the counter to be forgotten about until morning.

The next day Doc decided it looked like some ratty old dog toy so she did what any good dog mom would do, she took a picture of the sorry looking critter and sent out a text message to all the dog owners on the street that said, ” By any chance does this creature belong to anyone’s dog? I found it inside my house and I don’t know how it got here or where it came from.” It wasn’t long before she got a reply. ” Yes that is my dog Frankie’s Hedgehog that he spends hours sucking on every day since he was a puppy. I wonder how that got in your house?”

The next day Doc and I went over to return Frankie’s precious toy and he was overjoyed to get it back. I got tickled listening to the humans try to figure out how it got in our house like it was a case on the TV show Unsolved Mysteries.. Frankie and I both knew the answer to that question but we just looked each other and stayed silent.

Later on in the day, Frankie and I met over by the fence and chuckled over the whole fiasco. You see, a few weeks ago when Frankie and his brother Norman came over to my house to play, he had brought the Hedgehog with him and Doc never noticed. We got busy playing and he dropped it and it went under one of the chairs in the family room that swivel. On the day it reappeared, Doc had moved that chair enough that I was able to retrieve it and I left it on the floor where she stepped on it in the dark. Now, it will always remain a secret between friends. Our humans don’t need to know everything.

  • Cindy
    October 12, 2022

    This is too cute. It reminds me of the show ghost. There r things going on in the house unaware.

  • Connie
    October 13, 2022

    How cute, Grover is such a mischievous boy !!!