The F Word

Photo by Angela Kirk

Just a routine visit to the veterinarian this week turned into my worst nightmare. I am now on food restriction. Yes, they used the F word to describe my condition, they called me fat. “Grover has gained seven pounds since August, he’s too fat for his frame!” the Vet Tech told Doc after I got off the scales.  ” Oh no” I thought to myself , I knew what was about to happen.

Doc wasted no time in changing my diet. Treats are limited to vegetables  and as soon as we got to work she started warning, well actually more like threatened my co-workers not to feed me.  I started protesting immediately and even tried to get some of Doc’s patients to give me treats when she was looking the other way. Nothing worked. I even tried to go home with Joe our special duty Columbus police officer because I knew he would feed me, but Doc caught me trying to leave.  ” At least I picked a safe adult to leave with!” I told her in a frustrated tone.

Nothing is worse than having to change old behaviors even when you know they will make you healthier. Especially changing your diet. Food tastes so good, it’s like having a party in your mouth. But what’s a dog to do when your human controls your life?

Doc finally explained the importance of me shedding a few pounds. “Dogs can become diabetic and the extra weight can also cause your hips to hurt, I just want you to have a long healthy life Grover.” So together we came up with a plan I can live with. More exercise by going to doggy day care to play with my buddies and extra long walks.  That way Doc gets some extra exercise as well when she walks  me in the park. Hopefully before too long my slim figure will return, just in time for bathing suit season.

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  • connie s siegle
    January 23, 2020

    Dear Grover, first I wanted to tell you that you look great and I would not have known you gained extra pounds unless you had told me,Secondly you are very fortunate to have someone who cares enough about you to step up and get you motivated to do the right thing ! Some times it is easiest to make a big change in you life when you have a trusted friend to encourage you during the tough times ( being on a diet is tough , I can tell you that ) Good luck with your new journey and keep us informed of your progress. connie