The Gift

Don’t you just love it when the doorbell rings and someone that is special to you is standing at your front door? Well Sunday afternoon was a double surprise when two of my favorite former co-workers came over for Sunday supper. Doc hadn’t told me they were coming over or I would have combed out my beard and eyebrows so I would have looked more presentable, but they didn’t seem to mind my scruffy appearance. The good thing is that old friends don’t care and I was so happy to see them that I could hardly contain myself. Preoccupied, I didn’t even notice the pretty box with the blue bow until it was handed to Doc. Thinking it was for her I was surprised when I found out it was for little old me.

No one has ever brought me a present that was wrapped up so beautifully. I have to say I was quite touched and also curious to find out what was inside. Doc placed it down on the stool so I could get close to it and sniff it. It took me two seconds to realize there was something very tasty inside and I could hardly stand the wait as Doc helped me to untie the bow and open the box. Inside were the most magnificent treats that I have ever seen. They also tasted as good as they smelled. Being thankful, I went over to my friend, sat right next to her and gave her a lick on the hand so she would know how much I appreciated the gesture.

The next day I was still thinking about how nice it was that my friend took the time to think of me and made the effort to bring me something I would really enjoy. Sometimes we are so preoccupied with rushing through our lives we forget how the simplest of gestures can brighten someone’s day. Doc once read me a quote from writer Richard Bach that says; ” Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.” Here’s hoping that all of you reading this blog today feel appreciated by someone special in your life and more importantly that you appreciate yourselves.

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